A Letter To My Readers



I am writing to you because, you are there to read this. I have a vague notion on why you read this blog, I think it comes from the same place I write it from. It is the need to understand how we will get by in a simple and complex world.  How we will make our individual lives count, not in the broad sense but in the personal sense, we want to be proud of how we spent our time here on the earth. We want to lead a life of personal significance that has the potential for a broader impact. I write because I had filled my head with books that I enjoyed learning from, but have no use in my current life. I write because what I know from books will help someone who maybe never heard these opinions or ideas before and would thrive putting them to use. I write Lead Utah because I am the kind of person who would write a blog like this.

But my truest passion is taking up the writing space I have for this blog. Don’t fret, my dear friend, I will still be writing here often. The difference will be posts will be random, like this one. I will still try to write often at least four days a week, but really I will shoot for six. The content will still be as random as it has always been. Lead Utah is still an expressive endeavor for me. One of the things I will try over the summer is to try and bring Utah into the post. I plan on hiking a lot this year, so you might get a photo show, at least on Instagram. It would be cool to expand the scope of this blog to the real world and if I get the time that is a direction I would like to see it go.

I think that is all I have for now.

Thanks for your ear, I understand there are brighter and more mind blowing writers out there, I appreciate your attention and hope my madness positively influences your life.

Your writer friend,