Welcome to Monday


Welcome to Monday!

You either love this day or hate it.

Monday is more of a reflection, a symbol, an indicator of your life than Friday.

I am going to keep this super duper short.

If you don’t have something going on with your life, something  to make it better then Monday, this week, all the past weeks in your life is just time going by. Monday indicates you have to go back to doing what someone else  wants you to do. It means that you are living your life as a small part of someone else’s plan. Well, Don’t. It is Monday, decide for yourself what this day means in your plans. You don’t have plans, then make some. Let the dreaded work you do today, this week, the weeks past and the weeks to come be a part of your plan to make your life better.

Welcome to Monday, you are still alive. You can turn everything in your life into a part of your plan to make it better by just thinking about it differently.