Some People’s Children

Don’t talk to people who Shit on everything good in their lives. The reason is they will taint your view of what is important in life. Unfortunately shit attitudes are contagious. it is contagious.  Here is the thing a shit attitude is different then a bad attitude. A bad attitude people are aware they have it most of the time they choose it and say they are a realist, but a shit attitude refuses to accept the good things in their lives and shit on them. If you talk to someone with this kind of attitude it most likely will rub off on you. It will inadvertently make you take for granted all the things you should be grateful for.  There is a reason I call it a Shit attitude. Because it defecates all the good things in its life absorbing what should be good and making it bad. This attitude makes people who want to help throw their hands in their and quite. The person sees not only the bad but turns the good to bad. Limit your time with a person like this. If they start to shit on something and you can smell it, don’t be afraid to end the conversation, walk away, or change the subject abruptly.  Nobody needs to subject themselves to a shit attitude.

Shit attitudes are a choice not a personality defect.

Enjoy your life and don’t let anyone shit on it or near it.