Don’t Be Afraid To Ruin Your Life


Do you want to go after your dream?

Do you want to destroy your current life?

If you answered yes to both, then you have nothing holding you back. If on the other hand you want the first, but not the second, I have a hard truth for you.

You don’t really want to go after your dream.

No matter how good your life is, if you have a dream, then it isn’t where or what you want it to be yet. To create the life of your dreams you will have to destroy what currently is. Destruction precedes creation.  It is like building muscle, it must undergo such strain that the muscles actually tear and rebuild stronger, but not the same. The muscle is better, it is thicker, it can take the pressure and resistance that you once put on it. That is the same as dreaming.  Which is the same as having a goal to have “a lot of money.” What having a lot of money means is your financial state can withstand withdraws that would have put you  in the poor house. (I don’t know what a poor house is, but it is a fun expression.) For instance you could travel the world and it wouldn’t wipe you out, I think that is having a lot of money. For others it is buying the big house on the hill and not having a majority of their income devoted to paying for it.

Back to my point.

Most dreams, especially those of having a better life require change and that change means giving up what we currently have.

As human’s we are addicted to routine and our own little zoo animal like lives, where we are safe and everything is where it should be and we don’t have to leave a ten mile radius unless we have to. When we choose to make the change to go after our dreams we have to face the fear of the unknown, the daily unknowns, the financial unknowns, with passionate optimism and self belief that we are good enough to face whatever comes our way.