Good Morning! Oh, It Doesn’t Always Start Good?


It was the opposite of Christmas. Yes, almost the opposite, we didn’t get robbed which would be. No, we got, we got explosive dog diarrhea in different parts of our house in different degrees of solidness. Disgusting, I know, but what makes it matter to you is this; you still have a morning routine.   If you have a writing routine like mine which means your best writing time is now, well it just got shit on. Do you know what we do?

We wake up clean it up and get to the key board and put down as many words as possible. That is the part where we are the adults, we are doing what a pro would do, we do the work because we are committed to it. It doesn’t matter how your day started. It doesn’t matter that it continued to be meh. It doesn’t matter because God willing you will have another one, and the best you can do is honor your commitments in this one. Especially the commitment to yourself, your craft, don’t let a bad start or a bad day be more than that a poor experience.

With that being said. Good Morning!