Don’t Hinder Your Growth


We are taught from childhood to depend on someone else; our parents, teachers, people working in stores. Their lives seem to be in service to us. They are their to help us, to make sure we get what we want or succeed. Reality comes in and hurts this view as we get older our parents start to make us do chores, teachers expect us to work and the people at the store seem to have their own agenda. We grow and realize the world isn’t exactly what we think it is, in fact we become aware that life is dangerous and we do not know enough to keep ourselves safe. Some of us take the feeling of fear and turn it into excitement, but the rest have an uneasy feeling about life. We begin to depend on the opinions of others and stop exploring, we stop pushing our boundaries and find a place where life serves our needs and takes as little from us as possible.

The reality is much simpler and harder than we like. It is simple because all we have to do is take action to be self reliant, it is hard because we have to get over the unease of doing new thing.