Follow Your Bliss


Follow your bliss.

Have you tried it?

It is a simple statement, but how many people really try it. How many people really build their lives around doing what makes them happy. I am sure you can look around and see that answer is not many. Here is the thing, you and I only live once, it worth taking the chance to build our lives around things that we are passionate about. It is worth failing at it and trying again, until the day we die. The reason is simple, we will be good at what we love doing, and by loving it we will get better at it.

Follow your bliss isn’t wishy washy, it is hard work.

Lazy people look for someone to tell them what to do, lazy people look for someone else to make them happy, lazy people don’t want to take responsibility for their lives. Lazy people don’t follow their bliss because it is hard work and they would rather work in secure misery than fail over and over again doing what they love. Lazy people use reality as their excuse for not taking the actions needed to live the life of their dreams. Do us all a favor, don’t be lazy, work on living the life of your dreams and persist in the face of all adversities, we need more examples of ordinary people living extraordinary live because they  put in the work.