ONE Life


One life. That is one of my chief goals, it is to live one life. What that means is I am the same at home, at work, at the store, and at play.  One life means that I do not distinguish between who I am and how I act depending on where I am and who I am with.

Now most people live a sense of one life without knowing it. They continually act like the kind of person they are, but that doesn’t mean they are being themselves. They decide what kind of person they are and try to live up to the standard or where raised to think that that is who they are. They fit the stereo type and make it true. It doesn’t matter what stereo type. They are the kind of people Facebook marketers can game. Now what makes them live the one life all day is that they try to live the stereo type where ever they are.

Now I am no good at that. I don’t live the stereo type even for a creative person. In fact I live a kind of double life maybe triple. I believe that most of us live this way. We turn off at work and work, we turn off at home and we are at home, but we only turn on for a moment before the routine of life brings us back to being turned off. What I mean by a double or triple life is that you don’t act the same at home, work, or out with friends. Each place each situation you and I curtail our personality, our ambitions and divide our lives into less than what we are inadvertently missing opportunities to grow an thrive.

One life means that you are who you are all the time. You choose to do work that expresses who you are and will build your character. When you tell someone what you do they say I could see that. When you meet someone new you know the core of who you are and if you would be friends with them. Your family understands that you are turned on by a project and don’t want to rest until it is done. You talk the same to your boss as you do your friends, you are equal to them as a person even though they have authority in this one area. One life means your life is about you being you through out the day doing the things you would do.

I know it sounds simple, but I know too many smart, creative, charismatic people who get stuck paying their bills and separating their passion into something they do when their energy is spent doing the responsible thing.

One life is Iron Man compared to Batman.

Batman compartmentalizes his life, he pretends to be Bruce Wayne. Bruce Wayne does all the boring shit and has all the normal relationships. Batman is the passion, the one life Bruce would rather live.

Then there is Iron Man, Tony Stark is the same person in the suit as he is out of it. The suit just enables him to be more of what he already is. His passion and his life are not day and night but  the sun that everything else revolves around.

Here is the point. When you wake up, be you, when you go to work be you, when you get home be you, when you go to bed be you; as you do this ask yourself is this the kind of thing I would be doing if I where being me all the time, or am I holding back?  You see not being ourselves all the time means we are holding back and what we fail to realize is by holding back we cannot move forward.