Getting Back at IT


There is plenty of good, bad, boring, and inspiring content here at Lead Utah; but that doesn’t mean it is focused. I know I have let it become like the wild west in my mind whatever idea comes into my mind becomes the topic ans post for the day. That topic is more or less relevant to my life. Which is why the post have been infrequent lately. Because I am working on the business side of my life; this blog takes up my quiet writing and thinking time. Which means this blog will either be helpful or a hindrance to my writing, especially if I allow it to dominate my mornings.

on top of that it will also have to start providing for its self, which means it too needs a business plan. The business plan isn’t a formal plan, but more or less an action plan on how things work, where will income come from, and who do we (I) serve and how do we find them and market to them. That is the basics of building a business plan for me. I don’t start with why; not everything in life has a deep meaning, or at least I don’t think so. I still don’t have everything nailed down, but it will get there.

Anyway, what you can expect in the future is post targeted to small businesses, entrepreneurs, creatives (people like me).

With that being said, have a great Monday!