Magic Vs Distractions


What is magic?

Is it the way something feels?

Is it the impossible come to life?

Is it the unimaginable come to life?


Is it as simple as things going right?


Magic, is what it is.

That is to say, when we create a piece of art and it finds it’s place in someones heart it is unexplained-able. When we write a story and it connects with our reader and it impacts them it is a mystery. When we sing and the song touches the heart and brings the listener to tears it is powerful. Or it is not. It is the magic of connection, the human ability to empathize and create something that is made to connect.  It is creating something with the recipient in mind. Unlike this post that is a mesh of me talking on the phone, drinking coffee, and trying to relax a little after work.

All the distractions in the world are coming at me. finishing a sentence is taking forever. I have four to five thoughts before I can type a word.  This distraction is how most of us function, we forget that we are communicating with someone else, and yet we get by or so we think.  We are not truly aiming at making magic.  We take action on our side, but forget to make sure we get our point across, we don’t of course  make magic, we get by making the other person have to work to understand what we mean.

I am going to finish this post because of said distractions.

Hopefully next time I write to you Magic will happen.