The Harder I Work, The Luckier I Get?


You have heard the saying “the harder I work, the luckier I get.” I am guessing the person who said it didn’t work labor. Because the harder you work physically the more broken a man or woman becomes.

What brings us to this topic is Saint Patrick’s Day!

Luck isn’t something you can manufacture, but it is some thing you can prepare for. I like the phrase “Work smarter not harder.” For that very reason.  Some people believe if they put in extra effort, if they suffer, if they just show how bad they want something through hard work they are going to get it. But that isn’t how life works. How it really works is the person who cuts out the unnecessary steps to get what they want wins.  For instance, if you want to move up to management in a company instead of giving 20-30 years of your life you just apply somewhere else. That is how it really works. Because at a company you have to wait your turn, you may have the experience necessary, but they don’t see you as management, so the smart thing to do is go somewhere else, where they don’t have a bias because they new you as a runt. Or you want to become CEO at a major cooperation, you and everyone else in upper management. Well, you can work hard at the company game, and really do your best and hope you get picked. Or you could get a hold of a cooperate head hunter and let them know you are interested in moving, that way you are on their radar. Or better yet, you could start your own business. No one picks you, you picked yourself. Is there work, yes. Is it hard work, I don’t know, define hard work, if it is something you can do it isn’t hard, maybe unpleasant, but not hard.

I am going to conclude this rant with a crazy notion. If you are good at something it shouldn’t feel hard, in fact it should feel easy because you are good at it. So, working hard at something you are good at shouldn’t kill you but make you better. So I will change that phrase we started with.

The smarter I work the luckier I get.