Fun Things Matter


Make time to do the things that matter to you.

I am on a goal setting kick right now, mainly because my birthday is in about a month. It has always been a new year type thing for me. Not only that but other things in my life also demand that I set proper goals. So for the last 15 days I haven’t been without thinking about it. Writing about it is just a natural side effect. One of the problems with normal goal setting is it doesn’t prioritize the feeding of the creative mind. Reading is one of those things; reading a fiction book can seem like such a waste of time but it is not it, it is the translation of words to images, it is the ability to create a vision of a world or actions that do not yet exist. So, when it comes to creating, your brain is used to it, it does it for play, doing it for work isn’t a big deal. Here is the thing relaxing, enjoying your day, taking time to put a puzzle together, sitting in a tube or singing in a shower gives your mind a break and lets it recuperate from the stress and frees it up to work on your problems using the other inputs you have given it.

In short doing fun things is never a waste of time if you pan to do it. If you do it to get away from what you are supposed to be doing then yes it is a waste of time.