You  have to decide how you are going to see things. Not just physical things but situations, experiences, and actions. You have to be the director of your mind, not only that you have to set the tone of how you see things, before you see them.

Prep your mind, get it ready to see the world the way you want to.

Okay, you don’t have to do any of that in fact most people don’t. Most people don’t even know that the world, “media”, school, entertainment is preparing their minds for them. It is flooding them with a view of how things “are in the world.” The craziest thing is it isn’t real. It doesn’t prepare them to make their lives better and often it uses fear to get peoples attention. Well, here is the good news, you can change your mental setting and decide how you will see the world. In fact you can see it in an empowering way, a way that let’s you go for it. Personally I use affirmations, and at the very least my days, and life feels better.  I don’t know what would work for you but what I do believe is you cannot make your day better, your life better, or the world better with a negative attitude.