Goal Stuff and the Fear of Process



There are thing we want in life and for multiple reasons, excuses, or circumstances we do not go after them. We look at our situation and persuade or selves against it. We let the fear control our actions and remain in a sad situation.

So what is the solution?

Separate what you want from the question of what is possible.

I know that seems like it is not a big deal but it is. You have to acknowledge the reality that you want something, and that it is a fact that you want it.

What happens next is you do your best to make sure that the process of achieving your goal isn’t set in stone. You make the process conform to your goal, not your situation. The process is generally where people persuade themselves that a thing cannot be done. It is the process that scares them away from committing to their actual desire.

I have to cut this post short, but you get the drift. If you want something, don’t look at the how to get it first, acknowledge that it is something you want, then plan to get it and be flexible with that plan, the plan can change as many times and in as many ways as it needs to for you to get what you want.
I am out Later Gator.