Make Room For New Things



It feels like it has been a long time.

Took the weekend off of writing for two main reasons.

1st I needed to fill up my mind and heart.

2nd reason filling up means you have to shut up.

That is it.

The only problem is I am not done filling up. It is Monday and the routine is back.

So, the best thing to do is to break the routine!

The thing is you cannot hold onto the past, the way things were, or the way things are and try to get new things. Only one thing is going to win and if you don’t commit to the new the old thing will win. Why you might be wondering, it has roots not only in your mind, but in your routine, in how you function in the world. It is the same way with thinking; you cannot hold on to a positive thought and a negative one at the same time. One will win and dominate your thought process.

The choice is simple if you truly want to change, then you have to let go. You have to prioritize the new until it becomes a part of you.