What Are You Going To Do?


The world needs to be better.

The circumstance needs a better resolution than the one presented.

Sometimes we just lose, because maintaining the same routine is easier than changing.

Business fail to change when the market shifts and they are left to die. The same goes for people who do not up their game, acquire new skills, or make friends in other industries. Settling is instinctual and people do it all the time, for years, even though they want better for themselves, they do not feel the desire to really act better for themselves.

One of people’s best driving forces is to look outside themselves and find deeper purpose, a deeper meaning to life by making the world better. In so doing most of the time they find solutions to their problems along the way. But the main requirement for that is a change of routine, change of desire, change of attitude.

It is easier for people to hope for the best and do nothing, than hope for the best and prepare for the worst. The preparation isn’t pessimism, it is optimistic that there is a better way out if shit falls apart.

It is your life and you are responsible for it.