When Things Feel Hard


Some things in life feel hard. They Feel overwhelming.

Things, situations, or circumstance have a feel to them. It is like climbing a cliff. Your body intuitively knows that climbing is dangerous and can kill you. Your heart starts thumping and your head spins a little, and you feel the sweat break on your forehead. It feels dangerous.

That is what some people go through during social events, when they are being interviewed, or having to speak in front of a group of three people. The situation to them is just as dangerous and just as unnerving as climbing a rock wall is to someone who has a fear of heights. Their mind and body are sending of spider signals and they would rather die. The difference between the climber and the social anxiety person, is to advance, the person has to overcome their anxiety, the climber doesn’t have to climb.

Here is the thing. We all go through this. We have all had a first day of school. We have had our first job interview, and we have all had a moment when fear and doubt overwhelmed us. Life can feel hard and the only way to get passed it is to get passed it. The moment of feeling hard doesn’t have to last forever, it can be beaten our our lasted. The trick is the more hard things you do, the less hard they become to you, and the more you are able to handle. The easy way to do this is to work at it.