Don’t Fake It, Learn It


Do not pretend to know the answer.

It is hard, to stand there and say I don’t know.

It is even harder to stand there and look like an idiot because you spoke without knowing what you were talking about. And everyone knows it.

It is better to take the moment to learn.

We give false answer for the same reason we make stupid mistakes in life. We think we can get by without actually having to learn.

The solution, is humility. It is saying I don’t know, but I want to. We are conditioned to think that we should have the answers. The education system is built on it, and in most professional fields, you go to school to get the answers before you even start to work. We have a system that harnesses the past and experiences, but does not account for new and the unknown. When the new and the unknown appear it is anyone’s game and creating new experiences is the only way you can navigate it. Going through it is the only way to know. The truth is most people will rely on the past experience and apply an old solution to a new problem and their confidence will either pay off, or muddle what the true solution was.

When we actually address the issue as is then we get to the true solution; that is when real learning happens.