Overcoming Doubt


“Doubt is the need for clarity of intent and should not discourage you.” Someone said it.

Today is the fifth of March, it is a Monday, and it is going to be 5am. When you read this it will be later. The initial sentence is all this post will be about. But before I begin, I want you to understand, today is a new day to start, restart, or keep going after your thing.

Doubt will make out pull back from going for your goals. It is as simple as that.  To combat this we need to do something. I will give you a short list.

  • Commit; don’t settle or think of a plan B take the action you had said you were going to take.
  • Read your goals every day. That is right. You have to write them down first.  So do it already. Then everyday, read them and focus on them.
  • Use positive self-talk. That is right be your own cheerleader, momma, or counselor, it doesn’t matter, just make sure you believe you can do it.
  • Take action on them. Do not put them off, get going now, build moment.
  • Write down all the reasons you need to achieve your goals.
  • Write down all the ways you can achieve your goals, remember there is more than one way to do anything, find your way.

That is it for this morning. Have an awesome day. See you tomorrow.