Don’t Hope For The Weekend


When you set out today, don’t be like the rest. Don’t let your dominant thought be one more day until the weekend.

The problem with this thinking is we waste our lives hoping for a break. We don’t live in the day, we live for a break, a rest. Which means we aren’t working towards an outcome. Which means we haven’t set goals that have set our minds on fire. Which means we have work to do. It is the first of March, so like in basketball, let’s have our own March Madness. You vs your goals. Schedule each one and face them down. Mix it up, have some complete on a Monday others a Thursday, and use crazy due dates for them. I am sure thoughts of the weekend will fade and the glory of getting things done will fuel your life to change for the better.

Or you can just keep on keeping on and wait for change. You know the kind of change that makes you love every day. Wait, that kind of change doesn’t just happen, you have to make it happen.