Without a Vision


There are pieces to your life when put together make something. I am not talking about a wildly affluent life, or worldwide fame, no, just a happy good life.

Life can be complicated. It can have many barriers and people actively trying to sabotage you.  It also has many opportunities, many needs, and not enough people trying to do good. That is where you come in. Build a life that takes all the pieces of you, remove the hype and look at the world. Then do the same for the world, don’t look at those who sit at the top unless you are going to look at how they got there. There are so many benefits that can be had from putting in the work and helping others, most won’t show up on a balance sheet. Here is the thing, to have a vision of what you want your life to be like, don’t forget in some way you need to help others or else you will be missing pieces to the puzzle and you need those to complete it. That need is where the work comes in.

For most of us to strive after a simple life where you take care of the people you love, doing work that matters to you, and a place you feel safe in is worth more than fame and fortune.