Learning Machine


What makes AI so terrifying, is that it learns. It learns and is able to do things in the world it inhabits. But it is not alone. We are Actual Intelligence. We learn to do things in the world we inhabit. It is this ability, that has us living dominate over the planet. For that reason, when something like AI comes, and learns better than we do, well, we are afraid. Because we forgot we are learning machines. We have given into the false narrative that learning only happens in a classroom.  We forget that we have to learn new things all the time. When you start a new job someone walks you through the company, explaining what you do, explaining what the company’s process is, and the whole time you are learning.

Here is what we forget or don’t acknowledge; you are in charge of your learning experience. That means that we have the ability to know more than we settle for. The problem we have is our minds don’t actually thirst to know more. We only want to know enough and then go about our business of being. But for some they have found the joy of being a learning machine. They have found the key to turn on and turn up their passion with knowledge. They full their actions with new ideas, examples from the past, and breakthrough insights from other fields of study.

It is up to you to become a learning machine. I know some people are expecting AI to do all their leg work, but what they will miss out on is their own insight and the sharpening of their ability to learn and think. There is value in learning and it comes with doing.