Journey Through


Let’s not act like you need to be inspired to live.

Most people only feel inspiration for moments at a time, but they get up and live their lives anyway.

We have three parts to our story; the beginning, the middle and the end. If you believe in the afterlife, then another beginning.  Within that story we have shorter stories, those are the ones we tend to focus on; a job, a relationship, a place we live, they have their beginnings, middles, and ends. We are emotionally attached to the familiar, our brains are literally wired to know those people, places, and actions. We have feelings for them, either positive or negative.

What we must remember is we don’t always know the end, and the end of our story won’t be known to us until we are there, so we must journey through.

We cannot hold on to things that were important to us in the beginning of the journey. We cannot live like we are at the end of the journey, and we must not assume we are at the end of the journey when we are in the middle. People want to skip ahead, they want to retire early, they want to be done with it already, the problem is they may just have to start again.   Until we are on our deathbed, we are just journeying through. You can live in hopes of an early demise, but that misses the point all together.

To live an inspired life, you must choose a theme and then live and breath it. Most of us already live an unchosen theme, we just don’t realize it. But that is for another post.