The Work is Daily


It’s your day off, or at least you said you would take the day off. But there you are thinking, working things out in your mind, you cannot rest. Day off my ass. You are ready to get back to work. Everything else feels like a waste of time in comparison. That is obsession, that is passion fueling your movement. That is when you are on the right track.

So don’t get off of it. Be crazy, be weird, be the person that is too busy, don’t try to contain it. Don’t force passion into a nine to five job, it doesn’t work that way. Let it consume you, that is how you develop greatness. So what, that you worked 365 days straight, at least you enjoyed them. They meant something to you.

But, if you don’t have the drive, if it isn’t a passion, but stress and worry that keep you working. Then take the day off. Let it go, let your mind and body relax, and start to look for something better out of life. Don’t get stuck in believing that being miserable will make you great, it won’t. Don’t worry about meaningless work.

When you have a passion don’t worry about a day off. If you don’t, don’t emulate those who do, it will just make you miserable; something else is driving them.