The Battle For Your Best


There are thoughts we share and then those we keep to ourselves. Just like there are the plans we have and the ones we keep to ourselves, the plans that are our wildest dreams, but we are embarrassed to share them.  We give ourselves to half hearted goals and wonder why we don’t succeed. We need to stop talking about our plan A when we are really relying on our plan B. We need to stop spreading ourselves too thin when it comes to the actions we are willing to take to get shit done. What I mean by that is we put off what can be done in a day to be done over several days. We need to work on giving the world our best, not necessarily our best effort at shit that doesn’t matter to us, but our Best. The gift, the treasure inside you. That is what you need to give to the world.

I am going to wrap this post up, not because I don’t have more to say, I am just getting started, but that you have a gift to give to the world.

You don’t give a gift hoping for something in exchange. When you give the world your gift, it will, out of love for you want to reciprocate. But if you do it for the transaction, you will find you not only didn’t give your gift, but tried to sell passionless effort. The billions of us need each other to survive, thrive and move beyond what we think is possible.

If you look at the most common task like cooking and see how inspirational and uplifted it can become, you will understand that everyone, everywhere has value and should be treated with dignity.  When a person gives the world their best, their uniqueness, then they will have done something extraordinary, because most people fall in line and give the world, the bare minimum, in exchange for a mediocre life.