Story Telling


Do you know a good story?

Do you have a good story?

Do you have  a definition of a good story?

A good story will do one major thing that is connecting with the audience. Everything in the story will work to make that connection. Once the connection is made then the story will get the point across to the audience. The point is the reason you are telling the story.

It was a dark night when Mr Thumperton heard a noise outside his rabbit hole.  He flicked the light switch, nothing. He peeked out his little circular window, it was too dark. His little nose twitched. His ear raised. The noise moved to the back door. His little heart thumping he hopped to the back of his hole. Then a knock at the front. Slowly this time he crept to the front. He peeked out the window and then fell back. He had seen his wife. He opened the door. “What are you doing out there?” He asked, “You scared me half to death.” She drunkenly put her paw to his mouth, “shhhhhh, you are killing my vibe.” and with that she ran to the bathroom and vomited her mixed carrot drink everywhere.

There is no point to this story. I had no message to get across and at no point tried to make you feel connected to the character or the situation. That is how most ads, marketing, or commercials present themselves. The good ones connect, the bad ones at best can only entertain, and that is not what they are there for.