You and I are born with a set of abilities and instincts. Those abilities and instincts connect with the world and we become naturally good at doing some things. That is our baseline aptitude; some people are physically coordinated, others highly imaginative, and some extremely logical.  But that is only compared to the starting line.

The finish line is a different story.

The first game you play compared to the last isn’t even on the same level.

The difference is practice over time.

I don’t know what your goals are but if they don’t include practice, if they don’t include getting better, if they don’t require you to make time to be the best you can, well, are you going to really hit the those goals.

This is the ordinary work that nobody sees because it is boring. Nobody watches the comedian writing for hours trying to get the story just right, nobody sees the actor memorizing his script days if not weeks before he performs them, no one sees the motivational speaker practice her lines and tweaking her message before the mirror, it is their job to make sure they deliver, not to go out there and wing it, no, they are ready, because they practiced.

Your goals need practice so you are ready. You never know what day you will have a leap in fortune and your goals will require you to be ready today to take advantage of an opportunity.

Practice is the art of being ready.