Have the Right Focus


When you know what the problem is you can stop focusing on it.

I feel like that sentence is sufficient, but this is a blog.

Let’s make sure we are on the same page. For example, you run out of money. Think about it, talking about it, and thinking about where the money went will not get you more money. You know the problem is you are out of money, move on. The obvious next step is getting more money, unless, you’re just waiting for payday. If you are desperate, sell some shit that you have lying around your house.

And now we have a deeper subject.

You think the problem is you ran out of money, but there is another problem. It is either you don’t make enough money, or you are bad with money, either way as soon as you find out which it is you still will waste time focusing on the problem. You either need to learn to budget or learn a new way to make an income, then do it.  Focusing on the problem isn’t going to make life better only taking action on it will.