The Path You Take


Picking your fate isn’t going to be easy. In fact, it will be tested, it will look like losing and in the end only you will be able to tell if it was worth it.

Some of us have to move in a new direction, we cannot follow the common trail that everyone else is on. We have to cut through the tall grass and get smacked by low hanging branches.

Others are fine with the path that is set before them. They don’t want to trail blaze and question their every step. They want to move smoothly down the road.

I will put it this way. Some artists (painters) stick to tradition, others find a movement to join, and yet still others try to make something new.  All are still artists, but the future and art they want to create has more to do with them than it does the path they take.

Life always presents us with a problem to test how serious we are about our path. If we are serious we will turn that problem into the solution, if we aren’t we will turn away.  Even if we are on the smooth and well worn road, there will be bridges to cross that could cost you your life.