Can You Imagine That?


Can you see it?

A better future for everyone.

A future where war is unthinkable.

A future where violence is never a solution or means of power.

A future where everyone regardless of age, gender, or race is safe from harm.

Could you imagine a future where poverty isn’t a life threatening issue?

Could you imagine a future where education is based on  actually getting the best out of students?

Could you imagine a future where you felt safe and secure?

Can you see it?

Can you see ahead to a better future?

Are you capable of changing so that future becomes real?

Here is the craziest thing, most of us don’t care about a future where everyone is okay, where everyone is safe and secure, because of that none of us are.  As much as “looking out for number one” has been touted as a saying it is bullshit.  When we live like that, our morals drop and respect for humanity goes down. We use people instead of collaborate, we use people instead of cooperating with them, and we are used instead of partnered with.

I can see it.

A future where everyone respects what they do and takes pride in thier work and worth. A future where everyone is valued and the pain we feel are just those of an individual find their way; not of an empty belly going to bed.

The future is ours for the making, no matter how old we are.