Fixing Mistakes


I have to remind myself that fixing mistakes doesn’t require time travel. But it does require effort and change. Life is full of redo’s and makeup work, we are not doomed to failure because we got something wrong. You can start over, try again, or do something new.

It’s Monday as of this posting. People are competing in the Winter Olympics for a once in a lifetime opportunity. What we don’t see are the years of struggle and failure, it took to get as good as they are. We don’t get to go through their minds when doubt creeps in during their practice. We don’t get to see them battle through injury or through sickness to get their bodies into peak physical condition.

Let’s get to us. We don’t take our failures seriously. We make a mistake and then just let it own us. We walk away after a failure. We don’t learn from it, we don’t try harder, we don’t know that it is a moment in time that we can overcome. We don’t prepare to turn our lose into a win. So, here is the little push today. Know what you want to be good at then take risks, fail at it, learn, then do it better the next time, and make sure there will be a next time. We don’t have time machines, but our minds were built to time travel. We can think about the past, we can imagine the future and we can take action in the present that is all you need to fix your mistakes.