Reflection on Blogging


I have a peculiar way of writing.  I notice it when I go back and read it. There is no smooth introduction into the topic. Instead, it is a a rough assertion of a truth, question, or statement that feels like we were in the middle of a conversation.  The subjects are rough and sometimes the thought pattern changes mid paragraph, but somehow it works for me. It is a taste of how I think. I don’t go back like I should and make sure whatever I had written was properly structured and has validity. I just write. Some posts have a point and others are a muddled puddle of two or three thoughts fighting to be the main point.  I don’t learn what I think when I write, I learn what I should think, or what I should do, all of the books, and podcasts, and speeches, and conversations, and experiences flow out of me as I sit down with nothing to say at a blank screen.

I feel like this is something I am good at. This is something I can give the world. Not that I have original thoughts or that I am something special, but that I am a filter no, not a filter but a conduit or melting pot of abnormal influences that, when I write it is possible that it is of use to someone else, not necessarily in this moment, but that kismet would bring them to a post that would be helpful to them.  So, I keep writing. I rant, I babble on like a man with a story to tell of heroes long ago, so this generation would aspire to be heroes and pillars in their time.

I have a short memory, so it is fun to go back and read some posts, it is like reading advice that I need, or being reminded of what is important, or just to marvel that I could write something I find of value.

We all struggle with insecurities, we don’t all put sentences together the same or go through the same thought process to get a solution. We each tell stories differently and create unique experiences for our readers, fans, followers, friends and family. If anything, please, realize that your unique voice might resonate with millions of others and what you say can make them feel heard and not alone.  What I am trying to say is if you feel like writing; write. If you feel like painting; paint; If you feel like making music; make music. It doesn’t matter if no one watches, listens, or cares, what matters is you become better at expressing yourself in the face of apathy. Sometimes that is when you make the truest art. The only reason why I say that is on a planet full of billions of people you might not know where to go to find your tribe and be heard. You might have to leave your home town and find them.