Finding North


Let’s be clear. When you do not have a compass in life pointing you to your true north, you will be lost. It points north so you know which way to navigate your life. It is the unchanging direction that you move to. If you do not check it you will be lost. If you get lost you can check it and find your way back on the right path. To have a life compass, will take one thing above all other things; courage.

Courage is going to have to become your core trait. When obstacles, defeat, and disappointment come your way you will have to be courageous and keep going. Now your true North that is something else. That is a mix of morals, values, and your ideal life. Your true north isn’t an ideal you it is you being true to what you believe, to who you are and what you want.

It is the actions you are willing to take and the actions you would never take.

It is the things most important to you and the things you would sacrifice for.

It is your personality mixed with your ambitions and talents, to do what you can do.

You shake that trio together and you don’t get a goal, you get yourself on a journey. You would be on a hero’s journey limited by your morals and responsibilities. That limitation would grow you exponentially and not only build your character, but help you accomplish your true goals along the way.


You can just keep living this life like you are tubing down a river, the only control you have is kicking your feet and waving your hands.

Either way you’re going to live.