Working and the Superbowl


Most of us don’t have a Superbowl. We don’t have an event that ends the season, we don’t have a contest to see who is the best. We don’t have to go head to head with anyone. There are industries that give awards, but it isn’t the same.  It isn’t the hard charge of victory after victory knowing that one defeat would end it all. We enjoy that in the athletic arena. But I wonder.

I wonder what would it look like if you treated your life with the same intensity as those athletes? If you treated your mind and body like a piece of equipment, would you be ready for anything? What if you planned your life like they planned the games? Would you have an offensive and defensive plan? Would you be ready to make a snap decision? Would you encourage your team to keep pushing in the face of losing with one minute to go?

In the end, let’s not spend too much time watching others do what they love and not have a plan to do what we love; even if we have to do it on the side.