Art is Something Like That


Music is the most unreal thing that humans have made. I stand in awe of it. So many singers, musicians, styles, genres, cultures, beats, rhythms, pitch, lyrics, purpose, resonance, and so much more that I couldn’t begin to name. I stand in awe of it. Listen to 80’s music, then listen to contemporary music, they stand on their own with their own culture and yet if the music was good then it still is. Here is the point of all of this. If people like you and me,  people with talent to do what they were good at, we wouldn’t have music. And if big groups didn’t support these bands and musicians they wouldn’t be able to make their music. Art isn’t an individual’s expression of their experience, but an outreach experience that resonates with others letting them share in that experience. If it is good enough they are happy to pay for it.