Looking Back On Life


There are moments to look back. If you are on a treadmill, then don’t worry about it. If you are running a race don’t, that is when you will lose focus on your race. If you have children and remember the time they were so little, go ahead, but don’t pretend your kids were perfect. If you have to figure out where you got lost, then look back. But for most of us looking back just brings the pang of regret. It isn’t worth it. The future is all that you have in your hands and you might be wasting in thinking about what would have been.

Imagine you are walking on a dirt road. Suddenly, from the past  you hear a voice, “on your left.” Then your friend from high school passes you on a bike. Then another voice, “on your right.” a girl you used to work with at a fast food restaurant runs passed you. Your walk slows down and you keep looking back. You can’t help but wonder how they started moving faster than you. You look at where they are going and then you look back again. A truck begins to barrel down the road. You step off watching a group shouting to music and singing, you knew that group. They had an idea that you didn’t believe would work. But it did. You think back on where they all came from, it wasn’t too far from where you started. Suddenly you are not alone. There is a woman on the road just ahead. She keeps looking back too. Slowly the road is full of people who keep looking back. Every once in a while someone will pass the group and some people will talk about how they had the idea to run they just never got around to it. As you walk in this group, your head turns with every sound, waiting to see who will move passed the group next. You want to break free from the group. You are sick of the pace set by the other travelers. Somehow you always feel like you missed the opportunity to. You think back to when there was a time you could have started to run.    But it would have been just you. You got used to the company on the road. You had people to talk to, commiserate with. The road ahead was blurry, like a sandstorm. You talk with others about what is coming down the road. Some people have been traveling a long time. They tell you about how bad the road can get. They tell you how bad it was and some talk about how if they had the shoes you had on they would be ahead of the pack.  Every once in a while a person starts to run. Every now and then you think about running.

Well, this journey, this road we are on, this life, only requires you to do something. It doesn’t require you to look back. The future is coming, travel at your own pace to get there.