Reflection isn’t something most people do. They don’t like it. Let me take that back they do it, but not with purpose. They think about the good times. They think about past hurts. Then they let the past determine what they think. Yikes! Let’s not do that anymore.

Instead of looking back with regret or nostalgia, let’s look back creatively.  Let’s use movies, and television shows as examples. They are highlights. They show characters in a moment. Think about your memories like this. The girl that got away. Crying into your pillow because you felt alone. The first kiss. That moment you actually stood out from the crowd because of your achievement. Joining the team, making friends, The first win, the first lose.  We have been bullied or bullied someone, we stood up for the weak, or felt a moment of shame and watched in the crowd. Each time the camera of our mind was on us. Go back to your heart racing, it isn’t now. But you remember it happening. I tried to be someone else several times. I wanted to be someone else growing up. But I can see that that has been part of my story and part of what has made me, me.  But I look at those highlights and realize they are part of the story I am in now. They don’t control the future, but they are keys to unlocking it.

Look back at those awkward moments and maybe you will find it wasn’t you. You were just in the wrong place with the wrong crowd. Look at those times of triumph and think about what strengths you used to assure your victory. Build of of memories and then, put it to use.  That is the secret winners use. They build on success. They master life piece by piece. They get a dance routine down, until they can perform it flawlessly. Actors spend hours memorizing and feeling a part. Here is the thing remember to be you and focus on doing what you are best at. And if you are not the best practice and the memories of practice will fill you with the confidence to act when you need to.