Be It


Have you ever thought “I wish I was doing something else.” You were at a job you hated and thought “I just don’t want to be here anymore.”

Or maybe you decided to go for a run and half a mile in you discover like me “I hate running, this is never going to end.” You get to the gym and lift the bar minimum break a sweat because you’re out of shape, not because you gave it your all and then went home and immediately died.

Or you have been sick and would love to call into work but you don’t. You get your ass to work contagious, gross and feeble, only slightly, looking for sympathy and kudos.

Here is the thing. You have to be you. You have to choose when the right time to shine is in your work, in your health, in your attitude about today. The time to take it easy is when you are sick. The time to go hard is at the gym. The time to look for a better job is when you think running is important (that is if you hate running.)

Be it in the moment. Use your energy wisely, rest, work, search, don’t waste time.