Even If You Missed Your Opportunity

What do you have to gain?

What do you have to lose?

You have a choice to go for more or settle for less.

That is what they say, but they never say don’t forget if luck isn’t on your side forget it.

Luck, blessing, kismet, serendipity, just happening to be in the right place at the right time.  A group of people just happen to get together at the same time and begin something awesome and new.

If you never meet the right people, you never get the lucky break, you never do the daring thing and take the plunge into the dreamscape of work that is world renown. It is okay.

You are alive!

Pursue your ambitions anyway, better to die trying than to live with a crybaby piss attitude about how you never got the lucky break. If you love the work it is most of the time reward enough. The fact is there are I am assuming thousand play houses across the United States with people acting because they love it. There are painters whose artwork is their drug of choice, there are novelist who will write, story after story and pile them up because they are doing what they love, even if they have to support it.

You don’t have to give a shit about someone else’s luck, focus on your joy in the work.

Don’t look at the work of someone else and envy, let it inspire you to be your best and maybe over time the luck will show up.