Are You Asking New Questions?


Is it overdone? You know the get all the attention you can, go big or go home mentality. Does your life sing or does it fight?

We have to push past the normal answers to most questions to get a different and a more telling answer. We have to question the cliches. We cannot adopt mantras, sayings, or quotes just because we want them to be true of us. Okay, we can but it will come off false. The simple reason is some people actually live by sayings. They are how they engage with the world. That doesn’t mean you do.

That is it for today.

Don’t be a BOSS when in fact you want to be a hippie who holds down a well paying job and just chills all day. Don’t Go big or go home when in fact you have never gone big, don’t worry about it enjoy the experience. Don’t act like life is a struggle and you are fighting to survive when you have a roof over your head two cars, plenty of food, health insurance and all the modern conveniences. Let your life sing, let it be one of flow where you move into better work as you go.

Don’t worry about living like someone else. Be yourself enjoy what you can of life.