What is Your Compass?

Positive emotions: A reward for doing something good.

Negative emotions: A sense of something not being right, a call to change or fix a problem.

Without knowing it, most of us chase a feeling. We chase a good feeling. I am not talking about a warm and fuzzy feeling. But a feeling that has peace, contentment, joy, pleasure, excitement, you get the point a positive feeling. Most of the time it is a feeling of control based on routine, we feel safe.  That happens when our basic needs are met. Yet, when that happens, we still get the negative vibes. Most people live with the negative vibes because most people live in a type of indentured servitude to debt like car payments, house payments, shit you don’t need payments, and on and on. Most people don’t have adequate saving, and what that really means is most people truly work for someone else. What makes us free is our ability to gather wealth and spend it the way we choose. Or better yet, to invest it into life pursuits that we find worthy.  For instance, going on vacation, buying part ownership into a business, investing into the business you work for, paying for school, buying rental property, buying art, collecting something that will appreciate in value; those aren’t the sexy fun things like buying a house, or a new motorcycle but they do create a lasting value to you the investor. Now the reason we get negative vibes at work is two fold the first, someone is telling you what to do, the second you aren’t working for yourself.

Let’s handle the first. Which in fact isn’t a problem for most people. Most people want to be told what to do because they don’t want the responsibility of making big choices. That is why they go to work.  It is why they follow the school path, it is why they look at a company ladder and climb it, they don’t have to think about what to do next they just have to take the next step. But Nobody likes to ask another grown up for a day off, or ask permission to leave early,  or be given an assignment that sucks. Those things give us negative vibes because we are thinking, feeling beings who get treated like machines who should be able to dance on command.

Second, most people don’t go to work to make a profit for themselves. Instead, they go to work and try tot get past the survival stage.  For example; they want to earn enough to make sure their money doesn’t run out before their next paycheck. It is here that they really start to get in trouble because instead of saving they spend. They buy debt and call it a house. They buy an expensive car and call it an investment, finally waste money on buying pre-made food that has no nutritional value. And then they are back where they started needing to make more money and they do. Some at this point break the cycle and save for retirement and others for a rainy day. But they never truly went to work for themselves.

Wow, none of the above is what I intended to write. But here we are.  Now on to what I intended to write.

Sometimes our compasses are off. We get the feeling of pleasure out of normality and we miss out on the opportunities ahead of us because we feel fear about the unknown. We can’t blindly follow what feels good. We have to look ahead to the reward after the pain, after the denial of instant gratification and go. We have to look at the horizon and know that to get there we have to pass through a dark dangerous forest. Something like that.

I am just going to stop there. Have a great weekend.