The Path is Always Emerging Ahead of Us


There are things you wish you knew when you were younger, we all do. But I think we are misled by the idea “if we only knew.” You see, you could know everything right now but if you don’t understand then it is worthless. Understand isn’t the game changer, but at least you know how you fit into the world. Understanding helps you to see what is going on and put the puzzle pieces of life together and take action. Oh, I slipped. Right there I gave it away. The key. The life changer. The reason just knowing or just understanding won’t fulfill your dreams. Action.

We have the habit of saying if I only knew then… But that doesn’t matter unless we are brave enough to take a new action. And if that is the case the only difference between then and now is the action you are currently choosing.

Yes, you went down the wrong path.

Yes, you are older.

Yes, you still don’t know where the future is headed.

Yes, you still don’t understand where you fit in.

Yes, what seems like too much time has passed.

Yes, and you still have your life to live.

Yes, and you still have to make choices.

Yes, and you still can pursue doing fulfilling work.

Yes, and if you want to settle, you want to keep it easy, you want the normal life, you can pursue that.

But to have any of that you have to take the next step without all the information.