When the Work Fails


It doesn’t always work.

Painting, creating, writing sometimes you make shit. At the beginning you get started and your hopeful. You have a vague notion of what you want to create and you start. The problems occur the further in you go. Oops, wrong color. Oh, no, the proportions are off. Ah, the scene you wrote doesn’t fit into the story in fact everything after the first paragraph feels forced. Or you get half way through a project and realize you don’t like it.

Don’t fret.

God willing you will be alive long enough to make more bad art, to fail in another creative project, to write more bad scenes. It is not the end of the world just the world for that endeavor. Learn from it, sit on what went wrong, and then lock that in your mind. Even if it was a success, you would still have to move on and make something. So, continue to create and don’t let the failure, the flop, the poop hold you back.

Oh, yeah, the work isn’t you.

If a painting sucks admit it and get better, that is the life of an artist. Your story sucks same thing, your blog post sucks same thing. Sometimes we just have to work through the suck.