The Work And Telling People About It


There are two businesses we all engage in. The first is the work we do. The second is the marketing of that work.

You take a guy like the Dalai Lama, profession monk,  the reason you know his name and not all the other monks, is he is out and about evangelizing Buddhism as a way of life. Now let’s contrast him with a guy or gal who wants to get a job as an accountant. The will fire up their resume and online profile and start to spread the word to potential employers about how qualified they are. The same person when they get the job might see a higher position to be held in a company. So, they not only start to work at the company, but also market themselves to the hiring boss as a smart, good worker, who can get the job done and lead people.

There is you, there is what you do, then there is telling others what you do. If you recognize that then you will see you are a business.

Yes, there is one more business, getting paid, but that is not what this post is about.