Sometimes You Just Have To Stop


There is this moment. There is our attitude about this moment.

There is this moment and then there is this moment in prayer. Not the ritual prayer that is meaningless, the dialogue prayer,, the prayer that has a flow. Those moments when you get real and there is nothing holding you back.

There is this moment. When you are killing time before it kills you. You are doing whatever you can to fill every moment to make it as meaningful as possible.

In the small moments, the ones that we just wait for the next important one. Those moments are the ones we try to kill or fill. It is in those moments we need to stop and just be. Relax, breath, fill your lungs with fresh air, and then shut up. You aren’t in a hurry, there is nothing you can do in that brief second to change history, and you know that eventually something is going to happen, so relax. If the world ends tomorrow you would love to have taken a moment to just breath, so do it.

Don’t kill time, befriend it.