Self Improvement Doesn’t Equal Success


I am going to step back from the title. Self improvement doesn’t always equal success.

You can try to make yourself more attractive, friendly, or more determined, but in the end you might just turn out to be a faker. You might be wasting your time doing what someone else does and expecting their results. Yourself improvement wasn’t upgrading who you already are but trying to be someone else. When that happens, you will never be successfully you. Life is rough that way. We don’t understand that success is sometimes the biggest failure, we can achieve.

Don’t look around at who is succeeding, look at what you want to achieve, not how much money you want to make. Money isn’t the main indicator of success, in fact, it can detract from true success. Love your family, friends and the work you produce with your hands. Then use money to support those things. Money is a tool. Get it and use it don’t be used by it.

For most artist and writers making a living is success. Humility is required when we strive after an enjoyable life.

Improve on your skill, improve on your talent, improve on giving the world you and your best. The best way to improve who you are is to love people more, especially the ones next to you.