The Path to Take

Our lives prepare us for different journeys. We make a choice and an unknown road opens up to us. We choose a safe path and others are no longer in reach. We choose a well known road, but take our time and life could present trouble. We don’t start or finish in the same spots on this journey. We don’t all go to the same place when it ends.

We are now in the second week of the year. It feels a lot like last year. The routine is the same, goals the same, food, the same.  What is going to make this year different is how you decide you will live today. The journey is only as important as the destination. We are all going to die. We won’t all go to heaven. At the end of the Gospel According to John, after Jesus resurrection, Jesus tells Peter how Peter is going to die. Peter asks about another disciple, Jesus said what does it matter to you, follow me. Jesus calls everyone to follow him. The Gospel was to go out to every nation. Jesus died for the sins of the world and whoever believes and repents will have eternal life. That repentance is a call to die. To die while we are on the journey. A call to follow Jesus and to let him decide the path. It isn’t a call to gather belongings, but to be light and nimble to be ready to take whatever path he leads. In the end He is the way and the destination. All other roads lead to death.