You Are Lovely


Our bodies have natural limits. We grow to certain height. We can see, smell, taste and feel with limitations. We have certain; skin color, hair color, eye color. We have our gender and different  accompanying organ sizes to go with it. We are who we are. Now there is a natural, healthy body and then obesity and on the other side the extremism of bodybuilding. We can change our hair color, wear contacts, get plastic surgery, get tattoos, get implants.  All of this for what?

I am not judging, in case you are sensitive. I am asking?

Here is the thing you have a body. It is who you are, it is intrinsic to your very nature. Your mind is not separate, if you do drugs, you affect the way your mind works. If you become dehydrated you will feel it, you will have a wicked bad headache and throw up. If you get sleep your mind will be clear. If you eat certain foods, you might function at a higher level. Now this body that carries you around is also the one everyone else knows you by.  The way you smile when you look at something you like. The laugh that comes out of you that lights up my heart. The movements you make in a half dance to no music. The smell of your skin and the tears that run down your cheek. They don’t belong to a generic human. They don’t belong to an idea. They don’t belong to a screen. You in your body cannot be replaced. You in a different body isn’t you. This body with all of its flaws is fine. It is good enough to bring out the person you are. It is good enough to be loved unconditionally. It is good enough to share the mind, and spirit that indwells it with the world. It is sacred because of what it carries. It isn’t the whole you, and it should never be the only thing the world thinks you are.

The only reason I am not addressing the need to fit in with clothing, is that we all have tribes we want to be recognized with and clothing does it. But the body we are in, it is a holy and beautiful gift, that most of us hate for no good reason except we want to look like someone or something else.

Take care of your body, love your body, feed it, exercise it, and give it rest. God gave you this body and this world not to survive, but to play and enjoy. The work was supposed to be play, one day we will get back there.