Write Down Your Process


Small ordinary steps are what life is made of.

Processes, structure, and consistence are the ingredients of succeeding.

What we fail to do is log, codify, or keep track of how we did something so we could do it again.  Instead, we fail until we succeed, but then forget how we succeeded in the first place, because it required effort over time. Tracking the failure lets you know when you are headed off track, it builds a hedge of knowledge. It is why people say we tried it and it didn’t work. Most of the time they didn’t really try it. To really try you adjust, you tweak, or move something around until you get the result you want. If the results never pay out, then it didn’t work. Most of the time people try for a month and then stop trying and that try is one done without tweaking. They were not committed to the process enough to write it down. They weren’t committed to success. Process, coming up with a new way to do things isn’t easy. But it is one of the most creative ways we can push our work forward.

The process must always serve the creative vision. There wouldn’t be cartoons if there wasn’t a process to get there.