Worry and Faith


What happens if you decide to can (like a can of beans) your life?

What happens if you decide the limit of your view?

What happens if you decide that what you are capable of is all you can do?

What happens if you decide that the fear of doing what you were meant to do is too great to overcome to take action?

What happens if you learn that settling,  getting by, or sneaking passed the hard parts of life works?

What happens if your dreams will always be dreams?

What happens if you spend your life struggling and you die in the struggle without a day of rest?

What happens if you spend all of your time working, and at the end die as a new project enters your mind?

What happens if you spend your whole life trying to please everyone else?

What happens if you failed to live out your best life now?

What happens if you give your best to your family and everything still falls apart?

You don’t know what happens.

You have a guess about what would happen.

You might have strong indicators of what might happen.

So, don’t worry about it.

This is the last post of 2017.

What is your life? It is a vapor, it is smoke, it is here for an instant, we put our hope in temporary things.

I think about the next two years, then the next twenty, and then what happens when I die. Will my two years matter, will the next twenty, will they be years that I would be proud of? What about today? Should I worry about it? No, and here is why:

The story goes like this.  God created the world, he created man and to give us freedom he gave us the choice, faith or sin. Sin, rebellion, going our own way. We don’t have the same choice as the first man and woman had, we were born in sin. By nature and choice we choose our own way, we reject faith and we embrace our own emotions as truth. God, not willing to destroy us knew what we would do, so he created paths, he created a way, he made avenues of faith, but in the end, we would miss use those, we would turn to false gods, false notions, and make the world our playground. It would take God building a nation, and building a history and over time showing Himself to be God working through prophets warning that He was going to put an end to all evil. He was letting the world know that they were storing up wrath, punishment, and justice against themselves, but before that day, He would make a final way, he would send his son, he would make a new way for humanity, He would take the religion of the nation of Isreal and he would become the fulfillment of all of it. He would be the temple, he would be the high priest,  he would be the prophet, he would be the perfect lamb, the sacrifice, the scapegoat that all the sins of the people would be put on, he would do this and face the punishment.  He would be rejected, betrayed, and ultimately killed with the intention of forgiving us and He was no normal son, he was God in the flesh, a divine mystery, God had entered his creation in the person of Jesus and because of that he was able to be good when he forgave the sins of any who would believe. He rose on the third day, commanding his disciples to preach the good news to the world that forgiveness of sins, wrongdoing, and reconciliation to God was made through Jesus. He did not send them alone, but his very Spirit would go with them, it would do the work of convicting of sin, of truth, and that true life is found in Jesus. His spirit brings life to dead hearts, hope to the hopeless, and to those that don’t believe they seal their condemnation that they had the chance to be made new but rejected the Son. So, for over 2000 years, this message has spread, it made its way to me, and as this year ends I share it with you. I don’t believe you need to rationally understand this message, I believe that God wanted you to hear it. I believe that even if the message is imperfectly given, the Spirit of God will work in you either to soften your heart or harden it, either way, I love you and God loves you. Not because of who you are or what you have done, but because who Jesus is and what he has done. Happy New Year, and may God bless you.